ANNA PAKSHI: Birds that look like peacock but not actually peacocks, these birds are said to be mystical white colored birds that live in heaven, known for the purity. They are said to be so pure that if you keep milk mixed with water, they can separate water from milk and drink only pure milk.
Material: Brass/Bronze
Method: Brass/ Bronze molding method
Height: 42 Inches-(3& ½ Feet) Weight: 18.5 kg.
Height: 50 Inches-(4 Feet) Weight: 25.5 kg.
(We also have size starting from 2 up to 16 Feet (5 to16 Feet are customized order)

Significance and Traditional facts:
Lighting of traditional brass lamps is believed to radiate heat and light energy. The regular movement of the flame in traditional lamps is highly effective in passing out the positive energy to the surrounding nearby it’s been lit.

Care: Regular dusting should keep the piece clean. In order to keep piece shiny you can use lemon or tamarind juice to wipe the piece down (As the acid from the lemon or tamarind removes any stain) and clean it with non salty water and whip it with clean cloth.

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